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Whether you need someone to write your technical material or to create interesting and interactive course materials, I can help. I’m a superior contributor with excellent communication skills who has years of experience writing documentation, developing web-based content, and creating training for end-user through developer-level audiences on a wide variety of topics and for numerous industries.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

On November 13th, learn about Snagit 2018/19. If you thought that SnagIt was just a little ol’ tool that let you capture screens and do a little bit of editing before you pasted them into your documentation project, well, then you’ll be in for a delightful surprise.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is no longer your grandma’s screen capturing utility tool. Oh, no. For under $50 you can use this tool more than you can use Photoshop and for far, far less of an investment. If you scoff, and think this talk is not worth your time, think how much time you spend after inserting a graphic into Word (or another tool), and then adding a border, resizing an image, changing the border color, etc. I can show you how to do all of those things with 1 click of a button using your SnagIt tool.

Aside from the obvious screen capturing, in this talk, you will learn the following additional capabilities that will make you drool and want to download SnagIt while I’m still talking. You will learn how to:

  • Capture screenshots that will skip the editing screen and go directly into the document or other software you say.  Without going into the Editor at all!
  • Add borders, resize images, add special features, and much more, and then insert into documents without touching the editor.
  • Set up and use color palettes for a specific project so your SnagIt accessories match the palette (great for web work or other work with lots of coordinating color requirements)!
  • Easily add borders, circles, numbered items, lines, arrows, text, and more without having to change the colors on individual items.

And much more!

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“Lin was always a delight to share information with and to learn from. She is an extremely effective communicator and has a knack for decomposing technical discussions into artifacts that can be understand by just about anybody! ” – Thy Guintivano, Project Manager at Intuit

“I have worked with Lin Laurie at Intuit over several years and various projects in her capacity as both an instructional designer and program manager. She is extremely detail-oriented, prompt with her deliverables, and easy to work with. I found her to be knowledgeable in creating software training for developers and she had a good understanding of the software development process. She is experienced with SCRUM and Agile, and is adept at using many different authoring tools to provide needed documentation and other educational material. Lin is one of those people who quickly comprehends new ideas and technical concepts and I found her to be very professional and personable in all my dealings with her. I would use her services again without hesitation if the opportunity were to arise.” – Merlita Tolentino, Staff Program Manager, Intuit

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