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There are several companies that offer RoboHelp training, so you might wonder what makes my courses different? For one thing, most trainers have been using the same format for their courses since Blue Sky (the original creator of RoboHelp) developed it in the mid nineties. They may create a different class project, but the flow and topics are pretty much the same. I’ve reviewed the flow, the content, and the importance of what should be trained, and developed new training with my own flow. I’ve redefined what is considered to be core knowledge and developed some classes outside what you’ll get at any other training facility:

  • 1-day RoboHelp 2015 Jumpstart course for developers or those who need to put out a help system in a hurry!
  • Standard 2-day beginning and advanced RoboHelp training (which I’ve also analyzed and redeveloped)
  • A series of 3-hour courses that focus on some of the pain points of dealing with RoboHelp that you won’t find elsewhere. Most of these courses are under $100 and are well worth the time and money to take them.
  • A series of other courses of interest to technical communicators. Check our other 3-hour course offerings. There are lots of offerings and we’ll be adding more all the time.

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