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Fear of the Talking Head – This is a humorous article describing how you can battle talking head syndrome. This is a feared trait that many inexperienced trainers have, that doesn’t matter if you give live training or webinars. In this short and funny article you will learn a variety of ways to combat that stiff, robot-like presentation style that seems to to keep inexperienced trainers glued to one place, fearful of moving, all in an effort to make sure that participants can view all screen shots and mouse movements.

How to Talk with SMEsWhether you are a technical writer or an instructional designer, there will come a time when you will need to meet with someone who will always know more about you about a subject you’ve been tasked to write about.

Attend the April 18th STC Presentation: If you’ll be in Seattle on April 18th, attend the STC Presentation of Working with SMEs without Losing Your Mind and learn about how to deal with profile types like:

  • Deep Dive Dave the Developer
  • Rachel Rabbit Holer
  • Percy the Persnickity Project Manager

The profile types are not part of the original article!

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