WordPress Online Portfolio and Resume

This class can be taught on demand. Call for a quote.

Was last taught on June 30th, 2019 through STC-Puget Sound Chapter

From 8:30-2 PM with continental breakfast and coffee service.

In today’s world, the first thing recruiters want to see AFTER your resume is a portfolio of your work. You no longer have the opportunity to show it during the interview. You won’t get to the interview stage without the portfolio.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Create either a hosted or free WordPress site (you will do this piece during outside setup prior to the class)
  • Select from one of several free themes that are good choices to use for an online portfolio
  • Install WordPress and add a theme to your site
  • Learn a tiny bit of HTML code to make your Portfolio and Resume show better
  • Turn your current resume into an online version
  • Add images to your resume
  • Add portfolio pieces and images to your portfolio page to allow recruiters to review images and more in-dept examples of your work.
  • Learn to change themes
  • Learn to add additional plugins to enhance the appearance of your site.