About Our Courses


Hands-On, Step-by-Step, Live Virtual Training!

I teach a variety of subjects. My classes are virtual, live courses, and are led by an experienced and long-time RoboHelp instructor. There is plenty of time for questions and experimentation and we make sure that all your questions are addressed before the class is over.  I am an experienced trainer, coach, and guide who can share my years of personal experience with RoboHelp authoring with you and give you tips and techniques that work best. I don’t teach “from right out of the book,” but instead from what works best from personal experience with each tool!

Current Courses:

We are currently retooling our courses and they are currently all offered virtually, but you can request any of the following:

  • RoboHelp 2020
    • Introduction: 2-day class (14-hours)
    • Rapid Onboard for experienced help developers 4-hour class
    • Chat Bot Implementation (3-hour class)
  • WordPress Gutenberg Edition – Creating an Online Portfolio and Resume Site 5-hours
  • MailChimp 2021 and Understanding Online Marketing
  • Introduction to Business Process Improvement 6-hour class

More about our courses:

  • All my courses are live, instructor-led via web and most are also available at your location by arrangement. (Virtual until after pandemic is over)
  • Classes include some advanced topics including planning a help system, distributing and generating help systems, creating context-sensitive help, and more.
  • Classes come with data files and a workbook so they can be worked on off-line as well as in the class.
  • If you don’t see a class that exactly meets your needs, we can customize a course for you.


We currently have no courses scheduled but when we do, you can check here to see a list of all courses and an upcoming schedule. You can also call us at 206.900.1861 to schedule a class at your location!