HTML in Action – Contributing Writer

I was the first writer to gain access to ActiveX technology because I was working at Microsoft at the time. I was under orders to work at least 10 extra hours per week, and without extra work, I’d check out the emerging technology site. Somehow, I got invited by Microsoft Press to write about ActiveX and with my manager’s permission, I contributed a chapter to Bruce Morris’ book called HTML in Action.

Here is a sample of 39 pages. I’ve included it because it contains a lot of code samples and I don’t have a lot of samples of that type of work. ActiveX Pages 1-39

Developing Help for Windows 95 – Contributing Writer

This was a foundational book at the time it was published. I contributed a chapter on reviewing the authoring tools that were available at the time. Joe Welinske, the lead author, was considered the world expert in online help development at the time. I first met him while I was in his project management class at the University of Washington while obtaining my certificate in Technical Writing and Editing. I volunteered to intern with him and went on to become the editor of his quarterly Online Help Journal for several years, participate as a speaker in his yearly conference in online help development, and contribute a chapter for his book.

Front Cover
Back Cover

Here is a link to the Amazon version of this book. Joe Welinske purchased the rights back to the book and continued to sell it after the publisher stopped producing it. My copies are in storage or I’d provide samples of my chapter.