Portfolio Automation Overview

Here are some of my working samples based on work I’ve done either within creating, editing or revising workflows, documenting them and other materials that I think will be relevant for the role of Lead Research Analyst – Automation/Digital Experience.

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Intuit Service Delivery – TurboTax Infrastructure Isolation Project

The project goal was to isolate TurboTax servers and any dependant software from other Intuit products to keep sensitive data as secure as possible by eliminating any non-required software from running in the same data center as TurboTax. I worked for several months in a war room environment with developers who continually automated the provisioning and application implementation processes of 1500 servers on a daily basis and publishing revised automation instructions nightly so work could continue 24/7 in India.

I would work with various types of engineers who were automating web, application, and database servers, update my documentation and publish it to India with a list of updated sections. The idea was to work on the servers after the US closed for the day.

In addition to provisioning servers, the other details I was involved with included adding server records to a separate database (Intuit’s QuickBase) which was how they tracked their change requests when bringing new servers online before they implemented ServiceNow. And also:

  • Documenting the Server Provisioning Process that involved logging into the DRAC to perform a PXE boot.
  • Documenting the process of switching ports to a VLAN using a tool called NetGenie to flip the ports.

The person who was scheduled to take this job decided not to on Friday afternoon and they were due to start the following Monday. So my manager called two people who both suggested me and after a 15-minute call, I was hired to come in and do it. After the project was over, my manager was so pleased that he sent out an email telling everyone how great I did and that I was available and within 2 hours

I had my next job, with the Intuit Platform Infrastructure Team. Click here for work samples.

Intuit Platform Infrastructure and Data Operations

Managed documentation and training needs for software engineer audience to support the product infrastructure team’s customized ServiceNow hosting demand management, asset management, and change management applications. Managed UAT, training and product roll-out, updated SharePoint, managed all communication for projects, and more. Provided Visio diagrams of ServiceNow workflows for ticket and other processing.

Responsibilities included managing cloud-based internal IaaS initiative shift for the development team in conjunction with ServiceNow implementation.

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