TurboTax Infrastructure Isolation Project

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The project goal was to isolate TurboTax servers and any dependant software from other Intuit products to keep sensitive data as secure as possible by eliminating any non-required software from running in the same data center as TurboTax. I worked for several months in a war room environment with developers who continually automated the provisioning and application implementation processes of 15,000 servers on a daily basis and publishing revised automation instructions nightly so work could continue 24/7 in India.

I included an early version and a later version so you could see how different and improved they were over a period of about 2 1/2 months.

White Paper – Using SAMOF Framework to Track Season Readiness (co-wrote with Rahul Sharma). This whitepaper discusses how important it is to track any down-time issues related to TurboTax servers as this product is Intuit’s main source of revenue. After this year, this process was abandoned in favor of using ServiceNow to track outages and report details that were fed into a QlikView dashboard. Over time, more and more KPIs were developed, along with methodology and data to allow leadership to drill down, find the percentage of time any server was down, and to provide much more data provided much more monitoring functionality that Rahul could envision using his tool. And, Intuit sold off the tool he based his Framework on.