Pushpay www.pushpay.com

“I hired Lin Laurie as a contractor at Pushpay as a technical writer and information architecture expert to overhaul our entire customer and user help center. The current system was in ZenDesk and we wanted it rewritten in one voice, updated with the newest technical information, and converted into SalesForce. With over 250+ articles and 5+ tools, Lin navigated the complexities of rebuilding our help center with ease.

Lin spent the first few weeks at Pushpay completely inundating herself with product knowledge and introducing herself to key stakeholders and subject matter experts. Her enthusiasm to understand our product inside and out had her asking questions that helped us look at our product with new eyes. Lin’s questions helped our own product, marketing, and customer care teams refine their processes and language. Lin guided us in creating a standard for help articles and provided us with the infrastructure to outline our articles as they come up in the future.  

What impressed me most about Lin was her desire to be hands-on and problem solve. When we had technical difficulties moving from a Google Chrome platform and implementing our new software for our help center in SalesForce, Lin was happy to be involved to provide an expert opinion on implementation. Her knowledge of informational architecture ultimately shaped how we outlined, set up, and tagged our help articles. 

Lin left a wonderful impact on Pushpay and an enduring legacy which this company will benefit from for years to come. I would highly recommend Lin’s skills and expertise to anyone who is looking to fill a role that takes curiosity, challenging the status quo, and technical expertise. ” – Maria Marchione, Project Manager at PushPay – 2018

Intuit www.intuit.com

“Lin was always a delight to share information with and to learn from. She is an extremely effective communicator and has a knack for decomposing technical discussions into artifacts that can be understood by just about anybody! ” – Thy Guintivano, Project Manager in Network Operations at Intuit 2014

“I worked with Lin at Intuit in the Platform Infrastructure Business Operations Team for nearly 2 years. Lin has been a delight for the entire time I worked with her. She was always willing to take on projects, learn technology, work with leadership where others might have been intimidated, and really go wherever we directed her to gather information and document or provide training for our teams.

I had hoped to keep her on in a permanent capacity but we only had software engineer requisitions for automation developers only and we offered her one but she turned it down. Otherwise, she’d likely still be working with our team today. In fact, she’s welcome back at any time provided we have work for her.” – David Irwin, PIBO Manager, Intuit

“I have worked with Lin Laurie at Intuit over several years and various projects in her capacity as both an instructional designer and program manager. She is extremely detail-oriented, prompt with her deliverables, and easy to work with. I found her to be knowledgeable in creating software training for developers and she had a good understanding of the software development process. She is experienced with SCRUM and Agile and is adept at using many different authoring tools to provide needed documentation and other educational material. Lin is one of those people who can quickly comprehend new ideas and technical concepts. I found her to be very professional and personable in all my dealings with her. I would use her services again without hesitation if the opportunity were to arise.” – Merlita Tolentino, Staff Program Manager, Intuit

“I hired Lin in 2010-2011 as a contract program manager for Learning and Development. She was responsible for getting manager specs and interacting with vendors to develop and customize courses software and hardware courses. She was responsible for booking the courses, scheduling vendors for payment processing, adding courses to the LMS, and ordering site setups. She dealt with a $5 million training budget in her capacity and was highly responsible about spending that money wisely.

She would update the LMS with course descriptions and other course details. During the year she worked with us, she overwhelmed the system with the number of courses she put together. We only had a part-time support person for the LMS to do the entry, but they also supported 5 VPs. Lin’s entries were at the bottom of the list, so she learned how to enter her courses. She was able to develop, schedule, and enter far more courses than we expected her to be able to put together so quickly. We didn’t expect her to work as hard and deliver as much as she did in such a short time.

After courses were completed, Lin then did follow-up course evaluations, using the Kirkpatrick Model: Four Levels of Learning Evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the training and to determine whether to continue using the trainers and training company. While most instructional designers or other learning program managers only get to level 3, she could wait 5-6 months and interview the students and their managers to determine the usefulness of the course they took. It isn’t common to get to this level, and she was always grateful when she could complete evaluations to this level.

What I liked best about working with Lin was that there was no task too big or too small for her to take on. She enjoyed her work, and I was sorry that I didn’t have a more permanent role for her. She is someone I’d enjoy working with again.” – Bee Ng, Vice President, Intuit Learning and Development