Intuit – Change Management and ServiceNow Integration

While working in the Intuit Platform Infrastructure and Data Operations team, one of my area of responsibilities was working with developers to review workflows, assist in suggesting changes in rerouting tasks for better efficiencies, and documenting the changes. The following material includes some of the work that I did in this capacity.

The following documentation involves change management integrating with ServiceNow when a new change is being submitted that will impact the infrastructure. These changes go through the CAB for approval before they will impact any traffic moves in any data centers for maintenance actions.

ServiceNow Application Onboarding

Another project I did at Intuit involved documenting the processes for requesting new applications be onboarded to servers. Here is the documentation I developed, including Visio diagrams of how the process worked. I’m including it more for the Visio diagrams, so you can see some of that type of work.

Viewing PDFS in a Browser

My documents are all PDFs. If you want to open and view them in Chrome instead of downloading them, here are the instructions for doing so in Chrome.