Intuit Asset Management

While at Intuit I did a fair amount of work with their Asset Management Module. Originally, asset management was done by one person out of Texas but she was told to get her processed documented and so she engaged with me to start documenting her current processes. She unfortunately died, and there wasn’t anyone else in the company except for me. I’d been capturing her work in recordings. I was the only one who knew how she was currently doing it and her project was not a top priority project until her death. I’d been recording everything in Webex, and I had to pull the recordings before they were deleted as she’d normally have been removed within a week of being notified of her death.

I was able to pull the recordings off the web, document what I had, help the small asset team create a process for moving them into ServiceNow and Oracle. Here are two of the documents that I created after moving Software Asset Management into ServiceNow: