Intuit’s DevCentral

Intuit’s Developer Frictionless Reuse Project was a project I worked on where one of the deliverables was a SharePoint site called DevCentral.

DevCentral was a SharePoint repository where developers could converse and follow threads, share building block technologies such as software, architecture, and other components used in assembling Intuit applications, and provide ad hoc training or other opportunities to increase developer productivity.

After putting together the framework, we later worked on the UI, but I didn’t get the opportunity to update the training as the team was laid off due to a corporate reorg.

I worked on this project with a team of two developers and myself. We used the Agile method and developed it in 21-day scrums. It was the first time I was part of a scrum process and I loved it. I felt like the entire team was more productive with a lot less upfront time working on the front end, and it allowed us to respond more immediately to user feedback. As a former developer, this was eye-opening to me.

Here is a screenshot from an introductory video that shows what DevCentral looks like in its infancy.

To view the complete DevCentral Tour, click here.