Intuit’s Platform Infrastructure and Data Services (PIBO)

This a screenshot of the Team SharePoint site created I designed for our Platform Infrastructure and Data Services (PIBO) team at Intuit.

The challenge with the PI Business Operations site was that a number of different groups had access to different parts of the site because their BU reports were located on the site. However, one BU couldn’t access another’s and so we needed to be able to check that the correct people had access to the right BU’s reports. I was the only one responsible for granting all access across the organization. This was an ongoing challenge as we onboarded more teams, especially after they laid off the full-time employee who was my back up.

My areas of responsibility and support in managing this portal included:

  • Hardware Asset Management
  • Software Asset Management
  • Data Services
  • Business Systems Integration Architecture
  • Capacity Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Writing other reports, newsletters, training, and other documentation upon request

PIBO SharePoint Site

Product Infrastructure Data Services – ServiceNow SaaS to an end-to-end internal IaaS

  • Managed documentation and training needs for software engineer audience to support the product infrastructure team’s customized ServiceNow hosting demand management, asset management, and change management applications. Managed UAT, training and product roll out, updated SharePoint, managed all communication for projects, and more. Provided Visio diagrams of ServiceNow workflows for ticket and other processing. Responsible for managing cloud-based internal IaaS initiative shift for development team in conjunction with ServiceNow implementation.
  • Worked with senior leadership on reports and other materials in support of infrastructure purchases and management. Supported key initiatives, communicate with stakeholders, and broadcast key events upon request by senior management.
  • Collaborated with various project managers to deliver documentation, assist in project task tracking using JIRA, aid in developing requirements, etc.
  • Wrote engaging monthly metrics bulletins for all of Product Infrastructure and won an achievement award for making them entertaining.
  • Managed several team SharePoints, wikis, and other documentation sites for our teams, responsible for cloud migration and other tasks.

Training Projects

  • Created and led ServiceNow report training for the Hosting Demand Management Application (HDMA) to over 100 software developers. 
    • ServiceNow Forecasting Requester Training We created a new hosting demand management system from infrastructure request, to budget, approval, installation, through decommissioning and I created the training for how to do all of it using customized Service Now.
    • ServiceNow HDM Documentation Hosting Demand Management documentation on how to use ServiceNow software to request new infrastructure through decommissioning.
  • Provided training to support management for team development check-in initiative to align with change management requirements.
  • Responsible for all written and most webinar-based training for developers who were transitioning from QuickBase to ServiceNow Hosting Demand Iaas system.

ServiceNow Asset Management

  • Responsible for process improvement, documentation, and training for Asset Management.